Control Machine Inspection

Machine inspection and commissioning

You are no longer sure of the quality of your machine, your customer refuses parts because they are faulty, you have implemented a quality approach and you do not have the technical and/or human resources to perform periodical inspection, etc.

… It is time to perform a complete check on your machine.


CGMO can provide you inspection and correction services:

 Conventional inspection (square, rule, control cylinder …)
Electronic inspection (laser interferometry, linear and circular …)
Geometrical inspection
Axis calibration
Periodical inspection and correction

Design of inspection tooling

Our company can handle the design of tooling and means of production; in addition our design office designs inspection tooling for different sectors of industry.

Geometrical inspection report

Traditional geometrical inspection (measurement of squareness, straightness,etc) … We establish a detailed and precise report.

Example of a geometrical inspection report (Pdf French)