Improving industrial performance

The CGMO service covers the entire life cycle of production equipment, with the aim of improving industrial performance.


To comply with quality requirements and avoid rejects, it is essential to inspect and correct the alignment of machine-tools
CGMO can provide you with inspection and correction services:
Conventional inspection
Vibratory inspection
In-situ balance checking
Axis calibration
Periodical inspection and correction


CGMO offers multi-technique services in the field of consultation and engineering design to evaluate the performance of customer sites and to conceive the solutions to be implemented.
CGMO services include, among others:
Design and manufacturing of control equipment
Strength of structures for static loads
Fatigue and damage tolerance studies
Simulation: vibratory analysis, non-linear calculations, thermo-mechanical calculations, dynamic response


20 years of experience in the correction and the modernisation of machine tools. We work on all types of conventional machine tools
The list of our services includes:
Mechanical reconstruction or complete retrofit of conventional machine tools
Construction or conversion of special machines
Special machining and grinding
Troubleshooting, maintenance and upgrading
Sales of machines reconditioned by us or advice on purchase (new and used)

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